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My Digital Eco-Poem Installed in Bergen, Norway

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“RestOration: Kalfarlien 18” Installed in Bergen, Norway at “Ends of Electronic Literature” Media Arts Show August 5-28 2015 What does an e-waste sculpture have to do with a 100 year old villa on Bergen’s Kalfarlien street on the slope of … Continue reading

Disperse the Light

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Disperse the Light ELO 2014 Media Arts Show June 19-21, 2014 in Milwaukee, WI Kathi Inman Berens, Curator Now, when almost all writing is done digitally and when easy-to-use tools empower anybody with a socket to “make stuff,” the Electronic … Continue reading

Digital Humanities 2013: my talk

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Judy Malloy’s Seat at the (Database) Table a Feminist Reception History Before I read Jill Walker Rettberg’s excellent “Electronic Literature Seen From a Distance: The Beginnings of a Field,” I’d suspected that Judy Malloy’s elision from the electronic literature reception … Continue reading

< Impact > E-Lit at MLA 2012 & Beyond

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Perhaps the most significant index of the MLA 12 E-lit Exhibit’s impact is two new e-lit exhibits coming in 2013: Dene Grigar and I are building a Showcase of e-lit at a venerable public institution in late February (exact dates … Continue reading

12 Strange, Blue Rains: Touch Evocations in Elit

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It had been a long time since I’d felt surprised by stories. I wondered where had gone the woman who devoted her life to the study and teaching of them? I taught writing. It was a good job. I thought … Continue reading