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Hyperlocal: Social Media in Occupy and USC Branding

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[Xposted in course blog DIY 499.] Class Thursday Nov. 3rd, a discussion of Bennett and Mousli’s Seeing L.A., A Different Look at a Different City and Baudrilliard’s Simulacra and Simulation, set us up for the two final assignments of our … Continue reading

You Are the Product: Midterm #1: FB Case Study

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“If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” –Andrew Lewis qtd in Eli Pariser’s Filter Bubble Due Monday, Sept. 19 at 5PM posted to your blog (COMM 499 students will post to collective … Continue reading

Flip! Lecture#1 3wks into COMM499

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I keep classroom time improvisational, responsive & dynamic. I save the lectures for video students can consume on their own time alone. Main ideas I cover in this video: Students told me in office hours they want to make media … Continue reading

Sort By: Eli Pariser

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In his recent TED Talk [March 2011 in Long Beach, CA], Eli Pariser calls on leaders of Facebook and Google to encode civic ethics into the algorithmic editors that serve up links to us based on our click history. (What’s … Continue reading

Laptop Revolution! COMM 499 students on devices & distraction

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Candid observations about their own learning practices from students of COMM 499. Share this:

Video Overview of COMM 499

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People have emailed me to ask about “F2F in the New Media Classroom,” an advanced social media class I’m teaching at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication starting 23 August. So I made this 6 min. video overview. It discusses why … Continue reading

Building the "About": Coding Changes How & What I Teach

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I’ve been thinking about how learning to code changes what I think is important to teach. Here at the end of my post-doc fellowship at the Mobile Tech Research Initiative, I’m building an “About” page in jQueryMobile for the Columbia Gorge … Continue reading

The Flipped Classroom: Exploiting the Best of F2F & Screens

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The Flipped Classroom inverts the typical way teachers and learners engage: lectures are delivered via video podcast; class time is spent in collaborative problem solving. As you watch this video overview, ask yourself two things:  1) why was the Flipped … Continue reading

Math Geeking Out: an autobiography

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Code Apnea This summer, I’m learning how to design and code mobile apps.  It’s freakin awesome. Awesome in the Kantian sense: standing on a precipice and looking down, gauging the likelihood that gravity will clutch your knees and yank you … Continue reading