Flip! Lecture#1 3wks into COMM499

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I keep classroom time improvisational, responsive & dynamic. I save the lectures for video students can consume on their own time alone.

Main ideas I cover in this video:

Students told me in office hours they want to make media objects using code. Okay.

We can do it. Here’s what I’ll assess: not programming ability, but students’ ability & willingness to pool their collective intelligence. This is participatory, team-based learning. Collectively you have the knowledge to succeed in this goal. Together you will succeed or fail together (or better yet: try, fail and succeed). In our DIY classroom, I encourage and model participatory, iterative hands-on learning.

Altering the syllabus, I propose that we create a web app (optimized for mobile). I atomize the skills they’ll need collectiveI synthesize various really to do the project.

I also offer my first impressions of teaching OL, hybrid and f2f.

Keynote: you can’t remediate the f2f classroom online. Even the tools of the virtual office software prime the experience to be remediated. We have to rethink the software (and the hardware between our ears).

Authors/media creators discussed: Henry Jenkins, Mike Wesch, danah boyd, Trebor Scholz, Bolter and Grusin, Ian Bogost, MIT Tech Review and many obscure authors we’ve encountered in social media.

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