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Cultures of New Media / Syllabus / spring ’13

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A platform’s operational logic shapes the context in which users apprehend, fail to apprehend — or are persuaded to discount — the value of personal information they broadcast. Continue reading

The New Learning Is Ancient

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The intimacy born of learning face-to-face is a misattribution. It’s not the face or the body that conveys intimacy, but shared, dynamic experiences of time. Virtual learning environments are awkward because the software can’t yet pivot between the dynamic flux … Continue reading

A Glossary of New Media Pedagogy Terms

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After an initial rejection, my experimental social media course has been renewed at USC Annenberg during Fall 2012. That’s a longer story I’ll tell another day. In earlier drafts, the syllabus addressed the perception that social media is “smoke and … Continue reading

Teaching Code, and Failure: Watch One, Do One, Teach One

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My father-in-law, a recently retired cardiologist, taught at UCLA Medical School for many years. I asked one day how med students learn so quickly the many procedures they perform on human bodies? “Watch one, do one, teach one,” he replied. … Continue reading

Laptop Revolution! COMM 499 students on devices & distraction

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Candid observations about their own learning practices from students of COMM 499. Share this: